Fort Dent Shoreline

Location: Along the mainstem Green River in the City of Tukwila at the confluence with the Black River. The project is located at Fort Dent, which is home to the Starfire Sports complex.

Project Lead : Forterra

Partners: City of Tukwila & Starfire Sports

Project Goals:

  • Transform 1,300 linear feet of riverbank from blackberry monoculture to a diverse native vegetation community.
  • This shoreline is a priority location for revegetation based on the Re-Green the Green Riparian Revegetation Strategy and includes areas of high and critical importance for shade based on the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe riparian shade map.
  • Once established, the project will limit the effects of solar radiation on water temperatures and improve salmon habitat conditions by providing shelter, increasing beneficial insect populations and aiding in the recruitment of large woody debris.

Progress to Date:

  • Brushcut 1,300 square feet of blackberry and treated regrowth

Future Plans: Planting is set to begin in the Fall of 2020. Initially, Forterra planned to host a large volunteer event for planting, but given the current situation with COVID-19, ttheir crew will install the 650 trees and shrubs. Beyond that, Forterra is hoping to engage volunteers in site maintenance.

Questions? Contact Christine Stephens, Riparian Restoration Stewardship Coordination at Forterra.

Funding for this project is provided by: