Bicentennial and Riverview Office Park Revegetation

Location: Within the City of Tukwila at river mile 13 on the mainstem of the Green River.

Project Lead : Dirt Corps and Nicoterra Trails

Dirt Corps is a collaborative team of professionals and community partners working together to increase access to green jobs and to foster healthy communities. DirtCorps focuses on creating green career pathways for people facing barriers within the existing routes to environmental work. Learn more.

Nicoterra Trails offers arboriculture, restoration, and trail development consulting.

Partners: Green River Coalition, Duwamish Valley Youth Corps, Forterra’s Carbon Capture Program and City of Tukwila

Project Goals:

  • Create four season shade canopy over the Lower Green River between river miles 12.7 and 13.7 and the paved surfaces nearby
  • Reduce competition from invasive plants
  • Engage community members through  job training/events/activities that empower them to increase stewardship of the river

Progress to Date:

  • Cleared Himalayan blackberry from 13,000 square feet below levee slopes at the Riverbend Office Park
  • Cleared English ivy (Helix hedera) off of mature cottonwoods using survival rings
  • In coordination with Forterra and Seattle Sounders, held Carbon Capture event with 150 volunteers in February 2020
  • Volunteers cleared invasive species, picked up trash, and planted 456 trees and 250 willow and red osier stakes
  • Duwamish Valley Youth Corps weeded and mulched around new plantings in spring 2020

Future Plans: DirtCorps and Nicoterra Trails will continue to maintain the new plantings and bring back volunteers as they can as the Covid-19 situation improves. They are beginning work at a new site just across the river along the shoreline near the Ramada Inn.

Questions? Contact DirtCorps or Nicoterra Trails.

Funding for this project is provided by: